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One July 1, 2009 I entered the Medical Center of Arlington to deliver my beautiful baby boy, of which I knew had passed away two days before. His heart had stopped beating. It was a sureal experience walking into that hospital knowing what needed to be done. With my husband and mother by my side, I had to do the unthinkable.

My tiny baby of 1 lb. was delivered shortly after. We named him Greyson. And he was perfect. I remember his tiny little hands and feet. His small little face. He looked so little wrapped up in the nursery blanket. It was all so overwhelming, and peaceful at the same time. I loved holding his tiny little body in my arms. This was the last time I would see his tiny little face here on earth. Such a tiny baby in a big blanket it seemed. We said our goodbyes, and the nurse took him away.

After this experience, I have thought alot about that day. I think about others who have gone through this. Friends, family, and other loved ones. And those who I have not had the privledge to meet. Was their situation the same as mine? Did they hold their tiny baby in layers of blankets? Did it overwhelm them as it did me?

On that day, in the midst of all the sadness, and mourning, I received a gift. A gift from my tiny baby boy. He gave me an idea, of which, I promised to carry out. For all those mothers who enter the hospital wanting so badly to hold their baby in their arms and come home empty handed. This would be for them.

A gift by Greyson,
from me,
from you,
to them.

Mommy feels you, Greyson. And this is how I honor your memory.

I love you.


I am looking for your help. Hospitals all across the country are in need of small, very small, baby blankets. In cases of fetal demise, babies are so tiny, even the smallest nursery blanket is much too big to wrap around their tiny bodies.

I know how parents feel when they are presented with their tiny baby, for the first and last time. Having to deal with a large blanket that doesn't fit, is a distraction. And, unnecessary.

If you can sew or crotchet/knit, would you please help me to supply blankets for these mothers?

My doctor informed me that 30% of all pregnancies end in fetal demise!

I know we can make a small yet, dramatic difference in the experience these mothers and fathers have in the hospital. It is heartbreaking for the nurses to try and present these tiny babies in the best way possible to grieving parents. They are extremely appreciative of any donations we can give.

If you would like to help in this cause, please start reading at the very beginning and learn about Greyson's Gift.
Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom for new information and updates


Once again I feel overwhelmed.

I apologize to all those who have not heard from me for a while. I am sorry for not answering emails, phone calls, and letters. I am sorry for not posting new info or keeping everyone up to date lately. I have tried to use the "business" approach when dealing with Greyson's Gift. You know, keep things level, don't add all of my emotional stuff into it.

But the fact is . . . I AM emotional about it. I am all twisted up in every detail of this. Greyson's Gift has taken off like wildfire, (which I couldn't be happier about), but it has left me running behind to catch up. I want to be confident, well organized, and strong with all dealings here. But my feelings get in the way. I can't talk to anyone without getting a little choked up; not to mention my heart beats out of my chest. I can't read an email without getting tears in my eyes. And then there are the packages of blankets from readers like you. Which arrive weekly. I am so excited to open each one, but at the same time, I am sad. They remind me of what I lost. I go through my whole experience again.

And by the end of the day, I am emotionally exhausted. I never want to forget about why I started this, but some moments, I don't want to re-live it.

So why am I telling you all this? Because I am changing the way I run things. I am going to stop fighting to be super women and have everything together. Its not working. I can't keep waiting to do things because its too hard today. Today, I will cry, today I will be a wreck. Tomorrow will be better. Because tomorrow is never going to come. I am always going to be emotionally attached to this cause. Its the whole reason I started this in the first place! So I will pray for strength. I will ask the Lord for grace to help me where I fall short.

Until then, its me. Please forgive me for the unanswered emails, and letters. I am sorry for not following through on things I have promised. I am afraid that somewhere I have offended someone. I am sorry. I WILL be better. I might be a basket case, but I will do what I set out to do.

Thank You to all those who have shared your stories, sent blankets, given fabric, devoted your time organizing your own blanket deliveries, and much more. Without you, I could not do this. So many women will be touched by your efforts.

Be prepared to hear a lot more from me. I warn you its not always going to be pretty, or organized, or informative. But it will be genuine, personal and from the heart. I feel like there are times in your life when you have opportunities to become refined. To become a better person than before. This is my time, this is my journey.


Tonya said...

(((HUGS))). I am sure it is hard to be reminded everyday, but think of all the good you are doing for those that need comfort in those unbelievably hard times. Wish I lived closer, I would help you out in a heartbeat! You are doing GREAT work, and that can be tough sometimes, but hang in there!!!

The Days of your Life said...

It's ok to feel all of those is what makes us human and makes it all worthwhile in the end. Remember, we all have our Goliaths to fight and we are cheering you on! You are using your grief in a very positive way, but grief, by nature, is sad. Hang in there! Every blanket I sew, I wrap up and hold close to my heart and say a little prayer for the mother who has to use the blanket. It is heartwrenching for me also and I have never gone through what you have. You have started a wonderful project! Thank you!
Jenna Day

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